Powered Mobile Equipment Cart


Powered Equipment Cart

The NB400 Powered Equipment Cart was developed to provide true mobility within a facility. With a computer on board it is designed to ensure access to the latest information and to provide the means to operate equipment anywhere in a facility even in the most remote corners.

This powered / wireless cart can be configured to suit the user’s exact application requirements. This may include a computer or laptop, a barcode scanner, a thermal printer, an oscilloscope or other piece of test equipment and more.

The cart makes it possible to bring the equipment TO your product or operation rather than the reverse. For large equipment manufacturers this is a lot easier than having to constantly move their product from one process to the next. It offers the following features:

Powered – seamless rechargeable power and the ability to run up to 4 devices at once.

Mobile – 5” locking swivel casters make it easy to deploy to area of need

Modular – with a complement of accessories it can be configured to suit any application

Adjustable – using a slotted upright system the shelves and accessories can be quickly adjusted.

Cable Management – all excess cables can be stored inside the vertical support mast.

The NB400 comes with one 24” wide x 22” deep adjustable height laminated shelf. Each cart can accommodate up to three additional shelves. The contoured rear adjustable push handle also serves as a small tool holder.

The standard power package includes a 44 amp hour battery, a 500 watt inverter and a full 20 amp charger. A battery volt meter is mounted to the top of the vertical mast to quickly show the operator what level of charge is in the battery. This unit is perfect for a laptop or computer with a small printer and will operate for about 6-8 hours of normal use.