Patented Award Winning Customizable Safety Talking Cone
Talking Kone Alerts People to Danger or Important Information

Dimensions Features
12" width   X   12" depth  X  36" height

Talking Kone

  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Volume: 85 decibles at one meter
  • Voltage: 6V, 3.2 amps
  • Messages: 8, total 60 seconds
  • Direction range: 20 feet 360 degrees
  • Recharcheable battery
  • Customizeable message
  • Use also as an advertising medium
  • Security alarm (prevents theft)
  • Lockable control box and clamping mechanism
  • State of the art proximity detector

  • The Talking Kone is a new concept in safety signs. It brings the humble safety cone into the 21st century with its unique combination of advanced electronics and ease-of-use features. The Talking Kone is a speaking safety cone designed to operate in a wide variety of applications areas such as supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, factories and shopping centres.

  • The Talking Kone provides both a visual and audible warning to pedestrians of a nearby hazard, it has been proven in trials to be much more effective than just a passive safety cone.When pedestrians come into the proximity of the cone, a warning by speaking is emitted.

  • The Talking Kone has the ability to play 8 pre-recorded messages; the user can also record their own messages onto the Talking Kone to suit specific needs.